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Playwright explores relationships

Of the 12 guys on Mark Medoff ’s championship high school basketball team, one became a grocery store manager, Mark himself became a writer/producer/director/actor/professor and the rest became doctors or lawyers. Perhaps that’s because he grew up in the largely Jewish community of Miami Beach, FL. “Everything closed down for the High Holidays,” says Mark….


Confronting Extremism: The state of hate today

The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education will host a symposium featuring special guest Nadav Eyal, acclaimed Israeli journalist and director of “Hate,” a documentary depicting the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. “Confronting Extremism: The state of hate today” will be presented 1-4 pm, Nov. 8, at Hoffman Hall, Portland State University, 1833…


Partners keep fashion fresh at Switch

Switch Shoes and Clothing owners Rina Menashe and Jen Robinson have much in common that led them to their fashionista fate – business partners providing women’s footwear, apparel and accessories from small independent designers in Israel, Europe and Portland. The 9-year-old Multnomah Village boutique features several exclusive Israeli clothing lines and Israeli shoes, boots and…


Biz Ins and Outs

CEDAR SINAI PARK ANNOUNCES CEO TRANSITION Cedar Sinai Park’s board of directors appointed Chief Operating Officer Sandra Simon as chief executive officer effective Sept. 8. This appointment follows the retirement of David Fuks, now CEO Emeritus. Fuks will end his emeritus appointment on Oct. 31. CSP Board President Lance Steinberg says, “Our community sincerely appreciates…


Healthy Food Fast

When you’re on the go, it’s easy to let healthy eating fall by the wayside. Who has time to cook while braving US 26? Fortunately, Portland boasts a variety of fast food options for the diet-conscious person. Popular local spots offer rice bowls that can be customized to include either meat or milk, or neither….


Film recaptures richness of Vilna

The atrocities of the Holocaust are well documented in memoirs, literature, feature films, documentaries, oral histories of survivors produced by the Shoah Project, music and the staggering paper trail left by the Nazis themselves, which describes in chilling detail the methodologies used and outcomes achieved in their attempts to implement the “Final Solution.” Perhaps less…

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