Daily Archives: January 2, 2014


Modest Fashion with israeli flair

Nava Brief-Fried of Leelach.com is dedicated to connecting women from Israel to women around the world through the fashion and design found on her website. Currently living in Nachlaot, Nava is a college student studying communications and Jewish art at Bar Ilan University. Her husband, Yehoshua, recently finished his army service and now studies computer…


MJCC looks toward second century of serving community

During its first century, Portland’s Jewish Community Center met varying social, cultural, educational and recreational needs of Oregon natives, successive waves of immigrants and transplants from other communities across America. As the Mittleman Jewish Community Center enters its second century, it must meet the needs of a population that continues to shift and evolve. The…


Jewish Community Center: How It all began

In 1910 three men filed articles of incorporation for “The B’nai B’rith Building Association.” They had a grand vision. The aim was a campaign to establish “a building which is to be made a centre of Jewish communal activities” – with seed money to come from selling 2,500 bonds at $10 each. They wanted the…

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