What’s trending in weddings – from drones to doughnuts!

There’s no shortage of amazing wedding ideas on the internet. A simple Google search for “wedding ideas on Pinterest” brings up everything from how much alcohol to stock for a wedding with 100 guests to the best way to pee while wearing a wedding dress. Here are some popular ideas to inspire you!

The wedding invitation market ranges from online options to local stationary stores with custom invites. Elaborate wedding invitations with embossed flowers, textured cardstock, metallic accents and laser cutouts resembling lace are popular now.

It takes the cake
The traditional wedding cake is not going to be replaced anytime soon, but choices abound. Dessert bars are popular with individual treats like chocolate-covered strawberries and macaron towers that mimic the height of a many-tiered cake. Doughnuts can be frosted to match any wedding décor  and can include many flavors so guests can choose their favorite.

Forego the sweets entirely and take the savory route with different wheels of cheese stacked to resemble a cake.

Flower power
A wedding without flowers is like a day without sunshine. But more brides are opting for artificial flowers made from wood or silk for their bridal bouquets. Centerpieces are also changing. Instead of large flowers that block conversation, consider smaller herbs or succulents that can be replanted after the ceremony.

A flower wall, constructed entirely of flowers offers an awesome backdrop for bridal-party photos and guest selfies.

Smile and say cheese
Brides and grooms are breaking with tradition and taking “first look” photos capturing when the bride and groom get that first glimpse of each other before the wedding. Many photographers use drones to capture photos with aerial angles. Provide Polaroid instant cameras to get guests involved. Guests can place the photos in scrapbooks on the reception tables and leave a special note for the happy couple.

Going vintage
Vintage touches have always been popular (think “something borrowed”). Inspiration can be found in the aisles of your local thrift store. Old frames can display family photos or table numbers. Include lace, strands of fake pearls or costume jewelry in centerpieces, table decorations or draped on the backs of chairs. Tealights set in old mason jars or tea cups add both light and vintage charm.

Rustic is in
Barns, mills, wineries and farms are becoming popular venue choices for a more casual, rustic setting. Accents like wooden pallets are used as signage or for a listing of the day’s events. Rough-sawn pieces of wood are used for table numbers and cake platters. For the finale: tossing lavender, bird seed or confetti made from hole-punched leaves are all ecological choices for the bride and groom’s exit.

Whether you gain inspiration from this list or from the thousands of ideas on Pinterest, just remember that the day is all yours – take a deep breath, relax and have fun!

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