There’s still time to apply for Tivnu’s 2021-22 Gap Year


If the first of May slipped by you somehow and you’d still like to apply to Tivnu: Building Justice’s 2021-22 Gap Year cohort, there’s good news: they still have a few spots left and there’s an information session coming up May 13 at 5 pm to answer any questions that stand between you and applying.

This year’s cohort has been greatly affected by the pandemic, of course, and not just in how they’ve worked every day to keep healthy. Tivnu 7’s construction focus pivoted from tiny house building to building platforms, ramps, washing stations, solar panels, a gatehouse and more, all for new distanced camps and villages for unhoused Portlanders. And, as Construction

Coach Erik Brakstad explains, Tivnuniks have pitched in to help get more houseless individuals vaccinated:
“Here’s one of the more remarkable things I’ve experienced in my years as Tivnu construction trainer… two weeks ago Multnomah county health officials set up a vaccination station at BIPOC Village while we worked. It was really something to see residents with whom we have become acquainted get their vaccinations. Two Tivnu participants took the initiative to go outside the camp and let street campers know that vaccinations were available. They went from tent to tent listening, coaxing and gently cajoling. Ultimately they got at least 10 people in to get vaccinations that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten them, at least on that day. I am proud to be part of an organization that gives young people the opportunity for this level of front-line engagement.”

As a Tivnu Gap Year participant, you’ll connect Jewish life and social justice through individualized internships, discover the Pacific Northwest, and create a home together in Portland, Oregon. Whether you spend your year advocating for immigrants’ rights, creating mentorships for LGBTQ kids, building tiny houses or cooking for houseless Portlanders, you’ll know you made a difference. 

Register now for the Tivnu info session on May 13 at 5 pm, where you’ll be able to ask questions and hear from staff, alumni, and their parents. You can find the Facebook event here or register directly for the Zoom link here. Reach out to or 503-232-1864 with questions.


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