Teachers Program in Portland Confronts Rising Hate through Holocaust Education


On August 2-6, a dozen educators from Oregon will gather in Portland to participate in a week-long seminar focused on teaching the Holocaust, and explore ways to integrate instruction on racial and ethnic discrimination in Oregon. The seminar takes place as hate-fueled extremism and attacks on minorities have reached alarming levels in the United States.

“Lessons from the Past: Understanding the Holocaust and Human Rights Violations” enables collaboration among teachers to develop classroom strategies to help students understand how the past affects the present and find their voices in speaking out for social justice.

The program is sponsored by The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights, which organizes professional development programs for teachers around the country. In 2019 Oregon became one of 13 states to pass a law that schools must provide instruction to “prepare students to confront the immorality of the Holocaust, genocide, and other acts of mass violence and to reflect on the causes of related historical events.”

The program will include hearing from survivor testimonies, a visit to the Japanese American Museum of Oregon and the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, a tour of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial, and a visit to the local synagogue. The seminar is led by educators Rob Hadley and Carrie McCallum.

For more information, visit toli.us/satellite-program/oregon.


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  1. August 1, 2021 @ 10:23 am DAVID ROSE

    i had an encounter with a very well respected faculty member at the uw a few years ago. an oregonian, he went to u of o for his b.a.
    he had got just got back from d.c. i asked him if he had visited the holocaust museum. he remarked HE WOULD NEVER GO INTO IT UNTIL THEY RECOGNIZED DISCRIMINATION by other groups. he clearly had never visited any holocaust museum. i was shocked by his response. he clearly had never visited any holocaust museum. my most recent memory is from visiting the museum in los angeles. the whole entry level was focused on events in africa. educating the populace on what happened during the second war is going to be difficult. too many are deniers that it ever happened. i don’t believe they can be educated. but there are some who can be reached.
    good luck


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