Doves of Hope and Peace

The PJA community returned to school on Tuesday and walked beneath the beautiful installation of our 2023/24 Kehillah community art project. Doves of Hope and Peace is Kehillah’s third school-wide art project. The entire PJA community, from Early Childhood to Middle School, was invited to write a message and fold it into an origami dove. The final installation, in the PJA lobby, includes 900+ blue and white birds and the Hebrew word “Shalom” (peace) made up of paper lotuses and origami water balloons.

We thank every hand that contributed to this project, from folders to tetherers to hangers to installers. Special thanks to David Solondz and Naomi Harwin, Kehillah co-chairs and the Kehillah Art Committee, who dreamt up this meaningful project and turned it into a reality in just a few short weeks. Each dove is a private prayer for peace; collectively, the installation is a visual reminder of our communal hope for peace.

Additional special thanks to teachers Amanda Hiland and Alisa Scudamore for supporting the origami efforts and students Allie Solondz and Renana Harwin (both in Grade 5) for their extra help.

The installation will remain for the next couple of months before the flock flies on. Please respect the community art project. Look with your eyes, as the birds do not like to be touched.

Some Fun Facts about the Project

  • More than 300 participants (whole student body family) – Early Childhood and K-8; as well as faculty/staff
  • 1800 pieces of blue & white origami paper distributed; ran for 4 weeks
  • 3 dedicated creation events
  • 50+ rainbow lotuses
  • 50+ rainbow origami water balloons
  • Four Hebrew letter boxes spelling “Shalom”
  • 60+ ft of re-used 1/2″ pvc pipe
  • 350 yards of button thread
  • 900 plastic beads
  • 5 cans of powder blue spray paint
  • 28 heavy duty zip ties
  • Average of 6 birds per string ~ 10-12 strings per “family” of birds ~ 3 “families” per nest ~ 4 “nests” to the flock
  • Total of 50 chai (900+) doves!

Thank you to the PJA community for creating something beautiful together.


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