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For love and money

Have you ever ridden a bicycle to a bar mitzvah? Portland’s Steve Rosenberg (Rosy) is preparing to do just that. The bar mitzvah is in Israel and celebrates the 13th birthday of the Wheels of Love, an international charity bike ride held every fall in Israel to benefit the physically disabled children of Alyn Hospital….


Race for Water

Arnold (“Jin”) Zidell has poured his mind, soul and wealth into Blue Planet Network, whose goal is as vast as the ocean: to bring safe drinking water to hundreds of millions of people in developing nations. Now he is dedicating his body to the cause. Never mind that it’s a 73-year-old body. Since August, that…

Pedaling on Rotshschild Boulevard

On April 11, 1909, when the 66 founding families of the city later named Tel Aviv raffled their building plots on a desolate sand dune using seashells, they probably did not imagine that 100 years later this wasteland would become a flourishing modern city in the heart of the Middle East, or that the number…


Cycle Commuters

PHOTOS – Above: Cyclists pass pedestrians and stopped cars as they cross the Hawthorne Bridge on their morning commute into downtown Portland. Since 1991 bicycle use has increased 322% while car traffic has remained static on the city’s four main bicycle-friendly bridges: The Broadway, Steel, Burnside and Hawthorne. The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s 2010 Bicycle…