A special PJA graduation

Photo: PJA students arrive for a socially distant graduation.

Graduate Jackson with his teachers Maya, Celinda and Alex.

Portland Jewish Academy held a lovely socially distant graduation for their kindergarteners on Sunday, June 14 in the PJA parking lot.

Everyone gathered in a circle with family groups standing six feet apart in designated spots.

Chalk markings helped the students know where to stand.

Each kindergartener, one at a time, stood on a cloud written in chalk on the pavement that said “Kindergarten.”

They walked up to the row of teachers at the end, said hello, received their bag of goodies, took a photo and then walked back to the cloud on the pavement that said “First Grade!”

It was a momentous occasion for these little ones who have been meeting daily on Zoom for the past three months. The graduation finished with a Yasher Koach to the teachers and some songs.

Mazel Tov PJA Kindergarteners!

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