Portland Rally-100 Days in captivity this Sunday


Oregon for Israel:

100 Days in Captivity Rally 


Oregonians organize rally as a demonstration of solidarity and support for Israel’s quest

for peace, security, and the release of hostages


Who: Oregon for Israel is a non-profit organization that is supporting local communities to reassure and celebrate their Jewish and Israeli-American identities in Oregon. Born in response to the October 7th massacre and from the sweeping anti-Semitism local communities are experiencing.

Oregon for Israel organizes a rally in Burnside Bridge Portland.

The event, led by Eyal Chernichovsky, Rikki Nouri PhD, and others, aims to demonstrate solidarity for Israel’s pursuit of peace, security, and the release of hostages.


What: 100 Days in Captivity Rally in Portland. The rally addresses concerns about Hamas’s actions, emphasizing the need to free Gaza from the group. Organizers also call for local leaders to establish safety measures for Jewish and Muslim communities and encourage educational discussions on the complexities of the conflict.


Event Highlights:

  • Marking 100 days since Hamas abducted over 300 civilians and murdered thousands.
  • Addressing concerns about Hamas’s sexual violence and women’s organizations silence
  • Calling for the freedom of Gaza from Hamas
  • Encouraging local leaders to ensure safety for Jewish and Muslim communities
  • Reclaiming progressive such as LGBTQ identities as pro-Israeli
  • Promoting educational discussions on the complexities of the conflict


When: Sunday, January 14, 2024, from 1 – 3 p.m.

Where: Burnside East Side Bridge (Over the Highways)


  • Attendees are encouraged to use public transit.
  • We are fully committed to avoiding blocking roads and intersections and be aware of potential congestion points. PPB officers will be on-site to ensure safety and traffic flow.
  • We will be following PSU Inclement weather announcement to determine weather safety.

Info: Oregon for Israel

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