Northwest Fashionista: Fine Summer Romance

Do you want to know how to build a romantic campfire inside your sweetheart’s heart? It all begins with what you wear.

Let’s at least pretend dressing up for a summer date can increase the odds that love will blossom.

When we combine the thought of a hot summer date with how we look, we stir up a whole lot of feelings – both positive and negative.

Let’s prepare for positive, fun-filled intimacy while on a date by designing our look of love with the appropriate color and print choices, fabrics and silhouettes.

To set the tone for a simmering summer date night, heat up in a pink satin dress for women and tropical floral aloha shirt for men.

Why the color pink? Pink is the universal color of love. When a woman wears pink, she sends a magnetic message she is ready to be a couple. Pink is alluring and soft, which can be very appealing to your partner. I always have lots of fun when I wear pink.

Why a floral print for men? Like Elvis, a man in a floral aloha shirt wearing khaki chinos conveys he is both masculine and romantic.

The floral print conveys an evocative, tender heart prepared for adventure and possibility while out on a date. Fabric choices to complement the floral print would be a soft rayon, cotton or linen. The khaki pants provide enough structure and comfort to go with the flow.

So, whether you set your date night scene high on a mountaintop close to the light of the stars, dancing at sunset on the waterfront piazza or snuggled in a warm blanket watching the rooftop movie at the Deluxe hotel, fashion and a convivial summer date night do go together.

The Northwest Fashionista knows that artful attention to dressing up enhances the possibility for an enchanting summer full of love and romance.

Let me know how your fashion date nights go by connecting with me at I am interested and curious, so don’t be timid or shy, let me know how it all turns out.

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