Neshama Carlebach Shabbaton

WHEN: April 7-8

WHERE: Havurah Shir Hadash, Ashland


Friday evening:
Neshama will lead some prayers and songs and tell stories; a highlight will be a  “conversation” with Rabbi David Zaslow talking to Neshama informally before the congregation about her work in carrying on the legacy of her once-in-a-lifetime father.

Saturday morning Torah service:
Featuring Neshama teaching, storytelling and singing.

Saturday afternoon:
Workshops (to be announced) followed by a shuk.

Saturday night concert:
Storytelling, anecdotes and singing by Neshama. Storyteller Rebbetzin Devorah Zaslow, who was a friend of Reb Shlomo, will share one of his stories. Rabbi David will “have the honor of singing a song of his.”

$125 (early bird) or $150 after March 16, which includes the Friday evening oneg and a fish or vegetarian luncheon on Saturday. (Partial work/trade available through executive director Ayala Zonnenschein at

541-488-7716 or

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