Masa Year of Service

Photo: Previous participants in the Sherut Leumi program.

Aardvark Israel and the Israel Volunteer Association (IVA) have partnered to give Diaspora Jewish youth the opportunity to participate in “Sherut Leumi” – a year of national service in Israel.

Sherut Leumi is a program of social service which gives young people the opportunity to work voluntarily in the sectors of society that need it the most. Participants will be able to choose their volunteer program within the areas of health, education, welfare, and co-existence, as they work alongside Israelis in a meaningful way.

The program is based in Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city. Beautifully set on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is referred to by some as ‘Israel’s San Francisco.’ There is so much more to the city than the Baha’i Gardens, Haifa’s most popular tourist spot. Haifa is known across Israel for its mixed population of Jews and Arabs who peacefully coexist, and the result is an amazing fusion of Arabic and Jewish cultures throughout the city. With beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife, students will love living in such an amazing, modern, and diverse city.

Participants will spend four days a week volunteering in a field of their choice and one day a week engaged in enrichment activities, including Hebrew classes, field trips, educational seminars, and professional development workshops.

For more information, visit or contact them at 1-646-844-7784 (USA); 052-429-3681 (Israel); +972-52-429-3681 (WhatsApp); or

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