Makeup artist offers do-it-yourself tip for wedding day

For brides and bridal parties who choose to apply their own makeup on the day of the wedding, there are a number of tips and tricks to take into consideration to help ensure a polished, professional look.

Before the wedding:
Be sure to choose a makeup style that goes along with your dress or the feel of the wedding, and be sure to select colors that highlight your best features (complementary colors work best).

Be sure to practice applying your makeup several times before the actual day (especially if you are applying false lashes).
Have a friend take a photo of you after you have practiced to see how the makeup you have chosen photographs.
It is recommend NOT to try a new product the day of your wedding. Your skin could have an allergic reaction to it. Test all makeup at least two weeks in advance to make certain it agrees with your skin.

The day of the wedding:
Allow yourself plenty of time to apply your own makeup. Be sure to properly build it into the day’s schedule.

After applying makeup, spritz your face with a setting spray or Evian water to achieve that photo-ready, airbrushed look.

Try to stick with makeup that has a matte finishes versus iridescent. Matte absorbs light while iridescent (or shiny) reflects light, which will then reflect in the photo.

Natural, clean, neutral tones photograph the best.

Do NOT wear any face product with an SPF of 10 or higher. This can often reflect in photos and give the face a “ghostly,” white appearance.

Use waterproof and long-wearing products to help prevent unwanted smudges, smears or transfers. Proper blending is important for a natural look.

It’s a good idea to carry a small clutch with you during your photos and at the reception so you may touch up your makeup with ease. Contents should include lip color, face powder and some Q-tips to eliminate possible smudges.

Remember–this is YOUR wedding and photos will keep memories alive long after it is over. Don’t be afraid to wear a little more makeup than you are used to; the photos will turn out much better.

Jenelle (Menashe) Hadfield is a Portland native who pursued formal makeup artistry training in Los Angeles at Makeup Designory (MUD). Upon completing her program and working for MAC Cosmetics, Jenelle moved back to the Pacific Northwest with her husband in November 2010 to pursue her own makeup artistry business in Portland. Jenelle also regularly consults and offers lessons on makeup application and techniques. Jenelle can be found at

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