Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I’m Jason Levin and I’m the Green Party candidate for Governor. We’re a diverse group, united by a worldview that is both optimistic and pragmatic. We’ve never been “mainstream.” Our outsider vantage point often helps us to recognize problems (and solutions) that oth- ers miss. I’m not talking about the Green Party, I’m talking about American Jews.

A big reason why I agreed to run as the Green Party candidate was that I already knew what it would be like to be overlooked and discounted regardless of the quality of my ideas. Because I am also a Jew.

I’m a business owner, former teacher in Oregon’s public school system, father and husband. I have well-researched policy positions to get our economy back on track, fix health care delivery and improve our schools. Because of media blacklisting, you won’t get a chance to hear how this common sense platform recognizes our need for jobs, and wants to help put our forests to work for rural Oregon. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s a shame Oregonians are being denied an opportunity to hear from a single candidate other than the guy who screwed-up Cover Oregon, and the guy who offers little more than screaming about it.

I want to offer an alternative. I want to offer progress. Ideas need light to grow, and that light is mainstream media exposure. Will I win this election? Probably not. But if allowed to participate, Oregonians will see that there are other ideas out there. jason4governor.org

Jason Levin Tigard

Dear Deborah, I occasionally pick up a copy of Jewish Life. It is always gratifying to read about fellow Jews engaging in meaningful activity in our community. I am consistently dismayed, however, when I read Mylan Tanzer’s articles and there are no other perspectives on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I would like to read an article about the J Street Summit and the ideas that were discussed. An article from Jewish Voice for Peace would be another welcomed perspective. As we all know the Jewish community is a very diverse one and we need to hear from a variety of voices and opinions.

Thanks for the hard work you do in creating Jewish Life.

Fran Eichenauer Portland
(Editor’s Note: Though Mylan is a regular columnist, we do include periodic stories with different perspectives.)

Dear Editor: Where is the lady from Caesarea? I miss her: the ex-pat, Caesarea B&B-owning, writer of cook books. Forgive me, I can’t recall her name but we did enjoy her witty, informative, well-crafted column you used to publish in Oregon Jewish Life. And on the subject of a column worth reading, providing an insightful, up-to-date analysis of Israeli/American media politics, Mylan Tanzer monthly piece is right on pitch. You should do more along these lines.

Sandie Finkel, Battle Ground, WA

(Editor’s Note: Anne Kleinberg’s Life on the Other Side continues to run periodically in OJL, including in this issue on page 40).

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