Kids plan game for parents

Congregation Shir Tikvah is flipping Hanukkah on its head. Instead of adults planning a party for the kids, the kids are planning a party for the adults. Fourth- and fifth-graders are creating a full “Jewpardy” game for their parents to play during the congregation-wide party on the afternoon of Dec. 12.

To write accurate trivia questions in categories like “Biblical Animals” and “Translate This!” students need to know and understand basic facts.  They also have to rate questions according to difficulty and be ready to serve as judges for the contest.

“It’s a fun way for students to learn new information,” Education Director Katie Schneider says. “When the game is used as the centerpiece of a party, it engages the whole congregation. The parents get surprisingly nervous being up in front of everyone. Students get a kick out of that.”

In a recent class, one set of fourth-graders asked questions about the Golden Calf, while others took notes on Noah’s dove. A third group took just a few minutes to formulate this answer for the “Jewish Food” category: “Chocolate coins that you bet with.” “Easy,” a kid chimed in from across the room. “Everyone knows that’s gelt.”

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