Janna Lopez helps those in a midlife identity crisis

Janna Lopez has more than 25 years in media, communications, and editorial endeavors. She has spent the last ten years as owner, publisher and editor of several regional magazines. As a word enthusiast, she’s helped multi-million dollar companies craft their stories. She currently leads workshops and coaches clients about midlife identity loss and grief.

“My current passion is presenting to groups, both large and small, about the confusing nature of midlife identity,” she says. “We’re thirsty to connect, be seen, be heard and to be understood.”

Janna’s taken years of experience, transition and challenge and translated them into her first book, Me, My Selfie, & Eye: A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief, and Seeing Who You Are.

With millions of women and men in the throes of a midlife identity crisis, Janna steps in to change the stagnant social conversation with straight talk, humor and insight. Me, My Selfie, & Eye helps readers understand what they’re really in – a transition of profound grief – and helps them develop awareness for a newer expanded sense of identity.

Me, My Selfie, & Eye is for people in midlife who are:

– angry at themselves but don’t always know why, or where to go from there.

– unable to understand what’s going on.

– high achievers and those who have high expectations of themselves.

– grieving the loss of an identity, often before they were ready to let go of it.

– using tools from an emotional box that aren’t working anymore and don’t yet have new ones.

– frustrated with over-simplified candy-coated solutions to complex midlife problems.

– stuck in a narrow or limited sense of identity and need a more expansive vision of themselves, for themselves.

This book is ideal for people ages 40-60 years old, those with high-profile professional positions, recent empty-nesters, those wearing many social, familial, or professional hats, and anyone renegotiating their primary relationships. Me, My Selfie, & Eye provides clarity, strategies and recommendations within the dark confusion for how to take the next steps towards “seeing” one’s self again.

Janna lives in Portland, has two children, a great husband, and three cats. She was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and started graduate school to obtain her MFA in creative writing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Janna is also, “a tequila aficionado, ’80s-rock enthusiast, and recently denounced a falsely-held narrative that I’m a plant assassin and gave into the immensely gratifying task of caring for plants.” So far, so good.

You can purchase Me, My Selfie, & Eye: A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief, and Seeing Who You Are at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel Booksellers, BookBaby and Powell’s City of Books. For more information on Janna, visit jannalopez.com.

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