InPipe Energy brings new renewable energy project to Washington State


Gregg Semler, president and CEO of InPipe Energy announced that the company has just completed an installation of InPipe’s In-PRV (pressure recovery valve) with Skagit Public Utility District (Skagit PUD) in Mount Vernon, WA. This project was installed at their Division Street booster pump station where they manage water pressure and will now be converting excess pressure into a new source of renewable energy to offset electricity from their pumping load in this facility.

This installation at Skagit Public Utility District is exemplary in many ways. It’s not only the first in Washington State, but it is also an ideal location to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness and seamless installation in a water system. We have several more installations in their planning stages, and we continue to be thrilled and gratified to have these opportunities to bring the In-PRV to water agencies, helping them precisely manage pressure to protect against water loss while reducing costs and making their operations more resilient and sustainable.

“Converting excess water pressure into clean, renewable energy is a win for the environment and our ratepayers. As a public utility, we’re always looking to innovate and create greater efficiencies in the operation of our water system, and the East Division Street micro-hydro project checks all the boxes,” states George Sidhu, P.E., General Manager, Skagit PUD.

Also, InPipe’s installation at the City of Hillsboro, Oregon’s water department has been operating successfully and is on track to provide 220,000 kWh of electricity this year, helping to power the stadium lighting, EV charging stations and concessions at Hillsboro’s Gordon Faber Recreation Complex and Hillsboro Stadium.

Here is a video describing the installation:

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