Editor's Letter

During the past two months, Israel has been at the forefront of our minds. Citizens endangered by rocket fire from Gaza and soldiers killed attempting to ensure the security of their nation tear at our heartstrings, as do the deaths of Palestinian civilians put into danger by the Hamas leadership who wage war hiding among civilians.

As Operation Defensive Edge winds down (hopefully the latest ceasefire will continue to hold), I’ve been impressed by reports that show Israelis continuing to live life as normally as possible. Undoubtedly the effectiveness of the Iron Dome Defensive Shield in intercepting rockets before they reach their targets has helped them maintain some sense of normalcy. If one waited for terrorism to end, one would never live life.

So as we head into the High Holy Days and reflect on our lives of the past year, perhaps it’s time to remember to live the New Year more fully. Embrace the small moments of life and remember to treasure each day.

Our cover story this month reminds us that living a fulfilling life also means thinking of, and acting for, others. Ann and Amy Sacks aid both animals and people by uniting homeless animals with loving people. Nothing lifts your soul like seeing someone else benefit from your actions.

As we head into the Days of Awe, check out our High Holy Days section for some thoughts on how you want to spend your time worshipping. For memorable moments of a lighter variety, check out our Arts & Entertainment section. On the stage or on the pages of a good book, enjoyable moments await.

Wherever and however you spend the New Year, remember to relish every moment and treasure everything good in your life.

Shana Tova,

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