American Jewish University Unveils Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

On June 23, American Jewish University (AJU) unveiled a first of its kind, online Bachelor of Arts completion degree in Early Childhood Education. This will be the first completely online accredited degree that the university is offering, built to elevate the knowledge, skills, and performance of early childhood educators in Jewish settings while offering students a flexible, two-year path to their Bachelor of Arts degrees.

The degree program, housed in American Jewish University’s Graduate Center for Jewish Education, will transform how educators acquire skills to manage classrooms and centers, successfully work with families, and incorporate Torah, mitzvot (good deeds) and traditions into daily lesson plans.

“American Jewish University is proud to launch our Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education,” said Dr. Rachel Lerner, Dean of the Graduate School of Education. “Accessibility is a central value for our university. We are thrilled to offer this online degree program, which removes typical barriers to entry.”

Additional leading faculty at the helm of this new degree program include Dr. Tamar Andrews, Director of Early Childhood Degree Programs.

“American Jewish University is a laboratory for new models that promote Jewish wisdom to meet the needs of an evolving community,” said AJU President Jeffrey Herbst. “The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education will empower the educators responsible for engaging and inspiring the youngest members of our community at the start of their Jewish education. They will play a central role in ensuring the Jewish future.”

AJU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education will join the suite of degree and certificate programs in the Graduate Center for Jewish Education designed to cultivate the next generation of Jewish educators and leaders who work to ensure a vibrant Jewish future. The two-year, six-semester program is tailored to students who have completed 60 or more units at a community college or other university and is structured so that students can work full time while enrolled. Each course will combine traditional online components with synchronized live discussions. More information can be found here.

About AJU:

American Jewish University (AJU) is a thriving center of Jewish resources and talent that serves the Jewish community of the twenty-first century. A portal for Jewish belonging, AJU equips students, faculty, campers, and learners of all ages with the tools to create the ideas, build the structures, and develop the programs to advance Jewish wisdom and elevate Jewish living. For more information, visit 

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