Ambacht Brewery Growing Up

When you make handcrafted beer-soaked Portland using local ingredients, the only way forward is to simply brew more beer. That is why Hillsboro-based Ambacht Brewery has moved to a new, bigger location to increase its production volume.

Known in the Jewish community for its matzah-based Matzobrau beer and in the wider community for its creative Belgian-inspired ales, Ambacht brewers Tom Kramer and Brandon Grobart are looking forward to increased brewing capacity and adding a tasting room.

Ambacht’s old location lacked a distinct tasting space, which meant that many people were in close proximity to the machinery. In a craft obsessed with cleanliness, customers milling about the tanks can be an issue. The new brewery is “a real defined space with walls and a bar,” said Kramer. On the heels of receiving a 20-barrel conical fermenter, Kramer and Grobart are anticipating more storage space, as well. It is n exciting development for a start-up brewery that initially used hand-me-down equipment from Hair of the Dog Brewery and the now-defunct Tucks Brewery.

Along with more space for brewing, the new location – which is across the street from Ambacht’s original location – will boat a separate tasting with seating for 16 people. “We plan to have four taps at the bar – but we’ll also pour from the bottles,” said Kramer. That will allow customers to enjoy the Ambacht brew of their choosing as opposed to “whatever we have open,” said Grobart.

The new space it also boast a “real office,” a bathroom and an additional 1,200 square feet. While expansion has always been in the Ambacht business plan, Kramer said it was important to start small. “[We] had to get the kinks out before expanding,” said Kramer, who also hopes that with the increased production the brewery will become more profitable.

The brewery offers limited tasting hours for now. People who are interested in stopping by for a taste and tour can check the website or call for an appointment. A “grand opening” for the new location, the new tasting room and brewery will “probably be around Sukkot,” according to Kramer, who added “after the 2013 Matzobraü is finished.”

At that time the brewery plans to serve its Farmhouse Golden Ale, as well as some of its more distinct offerings such as the award-wining Golden Rose Ale and other styles. Until then thirsty customers can find Ambacht ales at New Seasons, the Beaverton Farmer’s Market, at most larger bottle shops, and on tap at Milo’s City Cafe and Panache in Newport.

Ambacht Brewery: 1060 NE 25th Ave., | Hillsboro | 503-828-1400 |

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