Want to buy a vowel?

by Debra Rich Gettleman

If you’re not a scribe but have always wanted to feel more personally connected to Torah, here’s your chance.

Last week Sefaria.org launched the Global Community Torah: a world-spanning digital collaboration, collectively “written” by Jews around the globe. Since the initial launch, people from 73 countries have participated and the writing has reached Genesis chapter 2, verse 20.

To be a living breathing part of this incredible project, you just visit sefaria.org and click on “Make Your Mark.” Users first learn about different Hebrew typefaces and select their font before “making their mark” by entering their first name and location, according to Sefaria. Next, they receive emails with a graphic of the Torah verse containing their letter and information about the “parashah,” or weekly Torah portion in which the verse appears.

Just like a physical Torah scroll, each letter must be perfect. “So it will be complete whenever it is complete,” Chava Tzemach, a Sefaria spokesperson, told eJewishPhilanthropy.

“The people who interact with the texts [are] what makes it come to life. This gives an easy way for everyone to connect with Jewish heritage,” Tzemach continued.

This incredibly inclusive opportunity for people to interactively get involved in shared Jewish tradition is unprecedented and invites  people of all races and religions to explore torah and feel connected to our global community.

BTW, The new English version published in partnership between Sefaria and The Revised Jewish Publication Society does not refer to God with masculine pronouns, and also does not use feminine pronouns.

Go to https://torah.sefaria.org/ and click on “Make Your Mark” to get started.

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