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Elaine Savinar honored

  Elaine Savinar was recently awarded the Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. Elaine has been an active member, volunteer, and philanthropist in our Jewish community for decades. The Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award was created as a tribute to Norma Kipnis-Wilson and Toby Friedland, who co-founded the Lion of Judah program in 1972. Today,…


Lion of Judah Award

The Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award honors the extraordinary contribution of Norma Kipnis-Wilson and Toby Friedland (z”l), the founders of the Lion of Judah, and the women from around the country who continue to embody the spirit and vision of Lion of Judah through a commitment to tzedakah and tikkun olam. The Lions pin was created in 1972…