Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe reflect on legacy giving

Legacy giving is not a new concept for Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe. In fact, the couple has discussed the importance of after lifetime gifts for more than 30 years.

“There are many role models whom Ruben and I admire because of their philanthropic values, their wisdom, their intentions and their ability to improve the human condition,” says Liz. “We would like to emulate them in our own way.”

It is Liz and Ruben’s hope that by leaving legacy gifts to the educational institutions, religious organizations and other nonprofits whose mission statements represent their values that they can continue to meet the needs and enrich the lives of others well after their own lifetime.

Given her longstanding understanding of the importance of legacy giving, it was a natural fit for Liz to be a member of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation’s Legacy Leadership Council, as well as a part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s team of volunteers for the Life & Legacy initiative. According to Liz, “The Life & Legacy program – a partnership between the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and OJCF – is a marvelous opportunity for our community to plan for and secure our future.”

Now in its third year, the Life & Legacy program continues to make an impact on our shared community. To date, almost 400 legacy commitments have been made to help secure a strong future for Oregon and SW Washington’s Jewish organizations.

“Ruben and I declared our intent to leave a legacy long before the Life & Legacy initiative,” says Liz. “It’s fortunate for me, serving on federation’s legacy team, because I can share the message that everyone can make a legacy gift commitment at any age and at any level. One does not have to be wealthy to commit to the future of our community.”

Liz and Ruben hope their legacy commitment will motivate and set an example for their family and others.

“We want to perpetuate and pass on the values that are important to us, and we hope to help enrich the lives of many in our community for generations to come,” says Ruben.
“We feel heartened by the success of the Life & Legacy program,” adds Liz. “We hope that it will strengthen our Jewish organizations so they can expand their services to meet all the needs of our community in the future.”

By Gail Mandel

Gail Mandel is the legacy development and marketing manager for the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.

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