Doug Blauer-Tikkun Olam Top 10 honoree

By Amy Blauer

Doug and I met at BB Camp and even back then, it was obvious he intended to change the world. I love seeing his forward-thinking ideas realized, and the genuine pride he feels participating in groups that are changing lives. With support from Jewish Federation and many local leaders, Doug has rediscovered his volunteer voice from those early years and is doing his part to help repair the world. 

Doug treats everyone with kindness and respect. I think it’s why he’s such an effective community leader. He serves on safety and security committees at the Jewish Federation, Neveh Shalom, and BB Camp. At Neveh Shalom, he’s an active board member, also co-chairs the Tikkun Olam Committee, and represents the synagogue on the Jewish Community Relations Council. As the Inner Group Outreach Chair of the JCRC, Doug was inspired to help create a new partnership, United in Spirit. It started to revive the local Black/Jewish dialogue and has developed into an influential multi-community coalition. Bob Horenstein works with Doug and describes his impact. 

“Doug Blauer is an exemplary volunteer involved with important social justice issues through the JCRC. Foremost of these issues is the growing chronic homelessness problem in Portland. His leadership in United in Spirit, an interfaith coalition dedicated to helping resolve this humanitarian crisis, has been invaluable. 

It was Doug’s idea to bring elected officials, nonprofit agencies, and business groups together around one table to get them to finally collaborate on finding needed solutions. His idea came to fruition with the convening of two summits that have proven to be an important step forward in encouraging these stakeholders to work together and move beyond the political barriers that are preventing progress. Seeing Doug’s devotion, passion and optimism, I’m beginning to believe we may actually help solve homelessness in Portland.”

With Bob’s encouragement, Doug is now one of 12 others on the Portland Police Bureau Wide Advisory Council. These volunteers shape the PPB budget to reflect the immediate reforms expected by the community and secure the resources needed to build a properly staffed police department. 

Doug is a steadfast BB Camp volunteer and along with chairing the Safety Committee, he participates in major fundraising efforts and is a lifelong Men’s Camper. I’m so proud of my husband for his unwavering passion for volunteerism and the pivotal changes that are happening with the help of his perseverance and dedication. 

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