Can your dog get seasonal depression?


CertaPet published a study that focuses on seasonal depression in people and pets. We can conclude that Oregon is the #1  state where “dog depression” is googled the most and the search volume for this term reached a perfect 100!  –  Are dogs the most depressed in this area?

Seasonal depression can cause symptoms like low energy, sluggishness, or difficulty concentrating.

Key findings of the study:

  • Oregon’s volume for the term “ Seasonal depression” was 30 – or #32 of all the states in the USA.
  • Oregon’s volume for the term “ Seasonal affective disorder” was 32 – or #30 of all the states in the USA.
  • SAD can mean weight gain, oversleeping, and feelings of hopelessness.
  •  Google searches of specific mental health conditions like anxiety and PTSD soared in 2020.
  • Ohio’s search volume for the term “seasonal depression” was 100––the highest of all 50 states.
  • Minnesota and Montana score 21.68 and 22.08 for the states with most susceptible to seasonal depression.
  • The top states who experience wintertime blues are Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Vermont, and Alaska.
  • States with high average percentages of sunshine and low search volume of the term “seasonal depression,” are sunny states like Arizona, California, and Nevada.
  • Insomnia, followed by ADHD are the most Googled mental health condition, top-searched in 20 states, predominantly in the Southeast, Southwest, & Northeast regions of the US.
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