BLESSINGS for a New Year from Oregon’s Rabbis

“May our goal for these High Holidays be to examine where we’ve been and where we are going through the lens of acceptance.”
~ Rabbi Rachel Joseph

“This year, 5776, ushers in a Hakhel year. May we use the blessing of this year to unite all Jews, encourage each other to increase in Torah observance and study, and foster an environment of love and awe of G-d.”
~ Rabbi Yosef Chaiton

“May Portland be blessed with Jews who will be searching, learning and celebrating the holiness of life.”
~ Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg

“May the light of Torah fill our lives through learning, yearning and earning. L’Shana Tova! A year of renewal and blessing to you and yours.”
~ Rabbi Gary Schoenberg

“May our community and the entire Jewish people be blessed with a year of … all the blessings from Aleph to Tav!”
~Rabbi Motti Wilhelm

“May we each have just enough time and inspiration and strength to do the work we need to do to move forward into the New Year with healing, determination, hope, forgiveness, love and strength.”
~ Rabbi Jacqueline Brodsky

“May G-d bless every one of us with a year filled and overflowing with blessing.”
~ Rabbi Dov Bialo

“May it be your will God that We return to this date a year from now a stronger people.”
~ Rabbi Eve Posen

“May the works of their hands be blessed with much success, and may they walk the paths of peace along with their sisters and brothers in the Household of Israel and the wider human family.”
~ Rabbi Maurice Harris

“May your life have the sweetness of the honey. May the many flavors of apples be like the many types of joy you experience. May your spirit have the clarity of call of the shofar.”
~ Rabbi David Kominsky

“May this year fill to the brim the rank and file those who serve who march themselves unsettled to the drawer of catch phrases away from the wizened quarry of heaven and earth.”
~ Rabbi Joey Wolf

Excerpts of blessings collected by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. To read full blessings, visit

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