BGU Launches “Negev Prime” Program


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) will launch a new Amazon-based program dubbed “Negev Prime,” consisting of48 selected participants who will open their own Amazon store during the course of their studies. Combining unique teaching methods, top-notch mentors and innovative tools, the program reimagines the Negev trading arena.

An initiative of the University’s Yazamut 360o Entrepreneurship Center, Negev Prime is supported by US-based Mack Ness Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest, New Jersey (JCF), an organization that supports the Negev economic and demographic development, as well as Israel’s Bank Hapoalim. Negev Prime is an extension of a pilot program that began at Yazamut 360o last year.

“Negev Prime couldn’t be more perfectly named; it’s no secret that BGU is at the center of the Negev innovation ecosystem. By leveraging the region’s entrepreneurial talent, BGU is helping students succeed in building successful e-commerce businesses,” says Doug Seserman, chief executive office of Americans for Ben-Gurion University. “As we at Americans for Ben-Gurion University like to say: Jerusalem represents Israel’s past, Tel Aviv represents current modern Israel, and the Negev represents the future. If you want to invest in the future of Israel and beyond, the Negev is the place to do that.”

Negev Prime will be made up of Israeli participants who will learn a wide range of skills such as product development, supplier negotiation, international logistics, quality control, copyrighting, advertising, and marketing, SEO, and other e-commerce related skills. The program will be taught in Hebrew and include mentorship by successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

“It’s time to build a successful and fruitful community of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the Negev,” says Or Santo, director of ecosystems relationships at Yazamut 360o. Negev Prime will provide a quality response to the growing demand for practical tools in online commerce entrepreneurship among students and residents of the Negev in general.”


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