Positive Charge! PDX is collecting donations for migrant children at the U.S. border. Little Mercies will deliver the donations to children in shelters in Mexico on the border in Tijuana. (See list of needed items below.)

Positive Charge! PDX is a volunteer group, open to everyone, with a mission to share good news and, through numerous projects, make a positive impact in our community.

“No longer do we need to feel paralyzed and hopeless, not knowing what to do as we sit by, reading and watching in horror, the reports and photos of migrant families living in the worst of conditions along our border,” wrote co-founder Sallie Cohen on the Postive Charge! PDX Facebook page. “Positive Charge! PDX is overcome, both with joy and relief, and so honored to work with Little Mercies, a nonprofit organization recently founded by two amazing Seattle women who are collecting backpacks filled with essential items and delivering them straight into the hands of detained migrant children in shelters on the Mexico side of the border.”

Sallie says that when she first posted the information about collecting supplies she was asked whether the donations would be accepted or turned away, based on news stories stating all donations have been and are being turned away from detention centers.

“I just spoke with one of the co-founders of Little Mercies who explained that all of the items donated to their organization are delivered directly to the children in the shelters on the Mexico side of the border in Tijuana,” says Sallie. “It is on the U.S. side where donations are turned away. Some of these shelters have up to 300 children. The conditions of the children and what they do/not have are heartbreaking, malnutrition, wearing tape-wrapped plastic for shoes, illnesses, etc. They are a 501c3, and there are no administrative costs. If anyone wishes to take a picture of their donation and include their phone number with their items, they are happy to send a photo back, showing their donated items being given to the children. Such angels they are. I hope this answers your concern that we all hear, read, and share.”

PC! PDX is in the process of setting up collection barrels at our favorite locations: Garden Home Community Library (start date: Monday, July 8), Prosperity Pie Shoppe in Multnomah Village (start date: Monday, July 8), Food Front Cooperative Grocery SW Portland – Hillsdale (start date: Monday, July 8), Food Front Cooperative Grocery – NW Portland (start date: Monday, July 8), Windermere Raleigh Hills 6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. (start date: TBA). New locations and other information will be updated on the group’s Facebook page.

“As many people take advantage of 4th of July sales, we want to get this information out as soon as possible and update as we go,” wrote Sallie. For those who prefer to shop online, she said, “We added an Amazon Wishlist link for people who prefer to shop from their computers.  Their donated items will automatically be delivered to our Positive Charge! PDX address: .”

PC! PDX shared the following request form Little Mercies: “Fleeing from unspeakable hardships and violence, immigrants are arriving in border towns where they get stuck in an unforgiving and inhumane system. These people inherited this crisis. We must all move into a deeper understanding and move into direct action. Regardless of your politics, human decency prevails. This is a humanitarian crisis far beyond politics or religious beliefs. Little Mercies is not affiliated with any political or religious groups. We emphasize that the work we do is backed by a basic human need, independent of any external influence. We’re requesting that you step up.” For more information, visit


PC! PDX is collecting the following items:

(Please limit your donations to only these items)

—Travel toothbrush and toothpaste

—Skin cleansing wipes

—Plastic strip bandages

—Nonperishable snacks: granola bars, nuts, apple/fruit sauce, fruit leathers, juice box, dried fruit

—Maxi pads/tampons


—Diapers (any size)

—New socks and underwear (list size/age and gender on the outside of backpack with a string tag so it is not lost)

—New or gently loved shoes

—New or gently loved stuffed animal

—Small rechargeable crank/solar flashlight (if battery powered, please provide an extra set of batteries)

—Small pack of crayons/coloring pencils

—Pad of paper/coloring book

—A sweet book in Spanish or a note of kindness to our small travelers.

—$5 to buy a blanket in Mexico (donate online at

—Small/light backpacks: gently loved or new

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