Tel Aviv: The city that never stops

Tel Aviv is a perfect city for tourists and people who love having fun. Its passion for life gives rise to every possible type of evening entertainment. Called the city that never stops, Tel Aviv lives up to this description every day of the week from dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn.

Tel Aviv’s nickname means that the nightlife goes on until morning. Bars are the trendy choice as the main nightlife outing; pubs and music clubs also are in. Restaurants and cafés are open at least until midnight. In the summer you can find bars located on the beach. In Tel Aviv you can find a club to match any type of music you like, from mainstream to dub step and reggae.

Many of the clubs offer different kinds of music each night of the week to attract all kinds of audiences. But you know what you will find at some of the clubs. The very popular Octopus is a typical dance bar with all the latest music. The Reading 3 is a spacious venue for live concerts and parties that features top Israeli and international bands. The Cheaser Bar features music ranging from rock to heavy metal.

If you are a jazz fan, be sure to check out the Shablul Jazz Club. Shablul is unrivaled as the home of contemporary Israeli jazz and the place to experience the best of jazz in Tel Aviv.

Over the years Tel Aviv has become Israel’s cultural center with a vibrant night life that is as open for tourists as it is for Israelis. The city offers an amazing variety of cultural venues that goes well beyond the music clubs and dance parties. Movie theaters screen current and classic movies, while theaters present classic and modern plays or stand-up comedians. Other venues feature dance companies from Israel and around the world, music, cinema and performing arts festivals. Street shows provide free entertainment for passersby. People come from all over the world to enjoy all Tel Aviv has to offer.

Many events and festivals dot the calendar all year long but especially during the summer.

At any time of the day or night you can find people out on the streets, in one of the city’s many bars or sipping quality coffee at the 24-hour cafes.

Tips for going out in Tel Aviv:

When: People in Tel Aviv head out for a night on the town anywhere between 8 pm and 4 am. Most restaurants are open until at least midnight, with special night menus beginning at 11 pm. Local bars start hopping around 9 pm; if you arrive at a popular bar later, it might take you a while to get in. Dance bars and clubs are packed by 1 am and stay that way all night long.

During the weekend (Thursdays-Saturdays), out-of-towners join the local and tourist crowd, so be sure to arrive early or have reservations.

Age: Bars, clubs and dance bars usually check for ID. The entrance age varies according to the specific place or party, so check in advance.

Tipping: Since most waiters and bartenders live off tips only, it’s customary to tip them generously. The official tipping rate is 12%.

Alcohol: Most bars and clubs offer a wide selection of alcohol, draft beers, vodka, whiskey and cocktails.

Where: Tel Aviv has several entertainment areas, each with its own atmosphere, people and customs. Each area will offer you the local bar, the local successful restaurant and usually a good place to listen to live music.

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