Take the Matzah Challenge

Tired of matzah yet? The UJA Federation New York hopes not! The #MatzahChallenge is going strong and they want YOU to join!

Now in its second year, the #MatzahChallenge gives you the opportunity to do some good during the most celebrated Jewish holiday – Passover! Giving back is now as easy as fixing a snack!

For every matzah photo you post to social media using the hashtag #MatzahChallenge, $18 will be donated to UJA, thanks to their generous donors: Donna & Yale Fergang and Laura & Rob Medway.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a drool-worthy treat featuring matzah

2. Snap a pic and post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter during Passover (April 19 – 27) using the hashtag #MatzahChallenge

3. Smile! You’ve done a mitzvah. Now tag your friends to keep it going

Challenge Accepted!

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