FIDF delivers thousands of Hanukkah donuts to Israeli soldiers

IDF soldiers celebrating Hanukkah at Navy base, Flotilla 3, adopted as part of Adopt a Brigade program, with support from Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF). Photo credit: Courtesy of FIDF.

Hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers enjoyed Hanukkah celebrations on their bases across Israel, thanks to support from Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF).

At the end of December, FIDF’s team in Israel brought messages of hope and light – and 17,000 jelly-filled doughnuts traditionally eaten on Hanukkah, called sufganiyot in Hebrew – to various IDF units throughout the country, including the Kedem Search and Rescue Battalion; Nachal Brigade Headquarters; and Combat Intelligence Collection 636 Battalion; which the FIDF Baltimore Chapter, FIDF Virginia Chapter, and FIDF Southeast Region, respectively, adopted as part of the FIDF Adopt-A-Battalion Program.

FIDF’s unique Adopt-A-Battalion Program allows supporters to go beyond their donations and get more involved by providing financial assistance to soldiers in need, caring for Lone Soldiers with no immediate family in Israel, and funding rest and recuperation breaks for combat units. Program supporters can visit the soldiers in their adopted units on IDF bases and communicate with unit commanders. In 2018, FIDF supporters formed unbreakable bonds with the soldiers of 10 brigades and 70 battalions, squadrons and flotillas.

FIDF also offers IDF units Hanukkah menorahs and candles as part of the FIDF Identity and Purpose Program, which provides spiritual items and activities focused on Jewish identity, traditions, and holidays.

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