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She said yes! Now what?

You’re engaged – mazel tov! After the engagement usually comes the beginning of a joyful journey planning your wedding. That was until COVID-19 arrived and changed everything – rendering social gatherings, including weddings, nonexistent. Many couples have been impacted, countless weddings have been postponed, and although there’s a vaccine timeline on the horizon, when will…


Detecting, Alerting, Preventing

A team of students from the Technion and the University of Missouri won second place at MedHacks – a hackathon for developing medical technologies hosted by Johns Hopkins University. They were awarded for developing the Scan&Sound application, which detects strokes at early stages and alerts the victims. MedHacks is the largest hackathon in the U.S….


Teen nearly killed in terror attack becomes EMT to save lives

Photo: Dvir Shenarb receives shoulder epaulets from his father, Rabbi Eitan Shenarb, and his grandfather, Zvi Wisbert, at the graduation ceremony of the MDA Medics Course. Photo courtesy Madagascar Photography Dvir Schnerb was seriously wounded by a remotely detonated bomb
that killed his 17-year-old sister and injured their father
while hiking near Ein Bubin Springs, a popular…