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JScreen Promotes Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week

  JScreen, a national nonprofit public health initiative dedicated to preventing genetic diseases, announced plans for the annual Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week (JGSAW), taking place February 1-5, 2021. Started last year and with organizational partners across the country, JGSAW will focus on powerful events, timely information and resources to help raise awareness about the…


Mark Gaucher Awareness Month with genetic screening

PHOTO: Young couples thinking of having children are encourage to consider genetic screening. JScreen, the national nonprofit community-based public health initiative dedicated to education and carrier screening for Jewish and other genetic diseases, has joined with the National Gaucher Foundation to mark National Gaucher Awareness Month during October 2018. The NGF is celebrating National Gaucher…


Success of Tay-Sachs testing inspires genetic testing

Expanded screening panels by JScreen makes for easy “spit kit” testing of 200 diseases September is Tay-Sachs Awareness Month, an urgent reminder for people to get tested for genetic diseases so they can make informed decisions about family planning. Expanded screening panels now enable for testing of more than 200 diseases, a significant development from…