Seders for 2018

PHOTO: At Gesher, seder participants role play their way through the Passover seder. “Dress up” as slaves, flee to the middle of the Red Sea, feast and tell the story as if we were slaves leaving Egypt. Gesher provides slave clothing and sustenance for the journey.


(March 31-April 7, 2018)

Passover, also known as Pesach, is the eight-day observance (seven in Israel) commemorating the freedom and exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The seder plate with six symbolic foods takes center stage at the seder, a lavish ritual meal where we retell the story of Passover by reading the Haggadah. In addition to the items on the seder plate, each of which represents a piece of the Exodus story, matzah is featured at both the seder and throughout the festival to represent the unleavened bread the Israelites ate when fleeing Egypt.

The first seder will be March 30. In the Portland area, you may eat chametz until 11:07 am. Burn remaining chametz crumbs in your home by 12:11 pm. Candle lighting (one set works for both Shabbat and Passover) in the Portland area is 7:19 pm.

“Friday night, first seder, Shabbat kiddush is included in the kiddush as well as some other minor liturgical additions for Shabbat,” says Rabbi Tzvi Fischer, head of the Portland Kollel. “Additionally, all cooking would need to be done prior to the onset of Shabbat.”

The second seder is Saturday evening, March 31. The seder begins after Shabbat ends at 8:22 pm in Portland. “The kiddush includes a special version of havdalah known by the acronym yaknehaz,” says Rabbi Fischer. “Usually havdalah concludes with ‘blessed be the Divine who separates between holy and mundane;’ here it concludes “who separates between holy and holy.’”


19th annual community intergroup Passover seder. 6 pm at the MJCC, 6651 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland. RSVP by March 8: 503-245-6219 or


Vancouver Passover Seder. 7:30 at Chabad Jewish Center of Clark County, 9604 NE 126th Ave., Vancouver. RSVP:

Salem Seder. 7 pm at Chabad Center for Jewish Life-Salem, 1370 Crowley Ave. SE, Salem. RSVP at or call 503-383-9569

Hillsboro Pesach Seder. 7:30 pm at Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro, 965 SE Brookwood Ave., Hillsboro. Registration required: or 503-747-5363

Chabad at Reed Student Led Passover Seder (10th Annual). 7:15 pm at Chabad House-Jewish Student and Community Center, 3355 SE Steele St., Portland. All college students are welcome. Free. RSVP to

Family Style Community Seder. 7:30-10:30 pm at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life: 2858 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland. RSVP by March 25:

Community Passover Seder as Theater. 5:30 pm at Gesher, 10701 SW 25th Ave., Portland. Info: or 503-246-5070. RSVP necessary:


SE Portland Passover Seder (10th Annual). 7:15 pm at Chabad House-Jewish Student and Community Center, 3355 SE Steele St., Portland. Large family discounts available. RSVP:

Passover: A Redemption Song/traditional seder. 6:30 doors open, 7 pm seder at Congregation Shaarie Torah, 920 NW 25th Ave, Portland. RSVP by March 26: or 503-266-6131

Community Passover Seder sponsored by Kol Shalom Community for Humanistic Judaism. 4 pm check in/social hour, 5 pm seder at the Starlight Room, 1125 SE Madison St. Portland. Reservations:, or 503-459-4210

Young Adult Seder sponsored by Moishe House. 6-8 pm at Congregation Beth Israel, 1972 NW Flanders, Portland.

Second Night Seder with Portland Unshul. 6 pm at The Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland.

Passover Seder as Theater for Families with Younger Children. 4 pm in Gesher’s Passover Tent, 10701 SW 25th Ave., Portland. Role play the Passover story. Info: Rabbi Laurie at or 503-246-5070. RSVP necessary:


Passover Seder for Men with Rabbi Gary. 6 pm at 10701 SW 25th Ave., Portland. Men in the making (adolescents) welcome. Info: Rabbi Gary at or 503-246-5070. RSVP necessary:


Passover Seder for Singles and Couples (Adults only, all relationships welcome). 6 pm in Gesher’s Passover Tent, 10701 SW 25th Ave., Portland. Info: Rabbi Laurie at or 503 246-5070. RSVP necessary:

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