A surreal year

PHOTO: As a Community Warehouse volunteer, Jack helps clients get the cooking equipment and dishes they need to make the kind of food they want to prepare in their own apartments. “I’m so lucky,” says Jack Heims, 69. An odd statement from a man diagnosed with a rare cancer with a five-year survival rate of…


Aiding Aging Parents

Photo courtesy Getty Images   4 tips to help overcome new challenges It’s not easy getting old, as the saying goes, and it can be even harder to watch your parents age. Helping parents transition into the later years of their lives can be a delicate matter, but there are ways to help them ease…


BBYO alumni plan 50ish-year reunion

PHOTO: BBYO 50th Reunion planners, the Magnificent Seven: From left (back) Jack Heims, Kalman Packouz, Rob Gold, Dan Aiken; (middle) Stu Soren, Phil Tobin; and (front) Dave Ail.   A group of former BBYO participants are planning a 50th year reunion for alumni from the Evergreen Region, which includes chapters in Oregon and Washington. BBYOers…


Nathan Cogan weaves philanthropic web

PHOTO: Nathan Cogan stands beside the Endowment Book of Life created by Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. In his entry in the book, Nathan says: “I don’t see it as giving back, but rather giving forward.” Photo by Deborah Moon Nathan Cogan’s lifelong commitment to tithing and volunteering gained new focus following the untimely death of…


Caring for Caregivers

While caring for an older family member – whether it be a spouse, parent or grandparent – can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a difficult and overwhelming task. This is especially true if your loved one lives with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related illnesses. Whether it’s out of love or obligation, caring…


Taking steps to prevent falls

When you’re young, an injury from a fall may sideline you for a few days or weeks, but a full recovery is usually quick. As you get older, the consequences of falls can become more serious, setting up a sequence of events that can have longstanding implications on independence and health. It doesn’t have to…

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