Cedar Sinai Park celebrates all things new

PHOTO: Rose Schnitzer Manor residents and friends toast the 20th anniversary celebration of Cedar Sinai Park’s assisted living complex last month. During the “Homecoming” celebration in May, visitors will be able to explore the refurbished RSM, as well as the recently completed Harold Schnitzer Center for Living and renovated Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center.  …


Octogenarian’s art reflects colorful life

PHOTO: Boris Uan-Zo-li, his wife, Sventlana, and his son, Alexander, around their kitchen table in front of a wall full of paintings by Boris. Photo by Polina Olsen   Boris Uan-Zo-li’s artwork reflects his fascinating life. Big, bold, varied and colorful, his paintings cover the walls of his Beaverton split-level home. The work is abstract,…


Planning for death is part of living

PHOTO: Filmmaker Cathy Zheutlin “This film chose me,” says filmmaker Cathy Zheutlin of her surprisingly uplifting 45-minute documentary “Living While Dying.” When the film premiered last November, she handed out a questionnaire and asked people to share three words that came to mind about the film. The words repeated most often were beautiful, honest, loving,…


Justice (education) for all

“Classroom Law Project is a nonprofit organization of individuals, educators, lawyers and civic leaders building strong communities by teaching students to become active citizens.”   When Susie Marcus graduated from Grant High School and headed to Stanford in 1954, college girls, she says, could either be teachers or librarians. So she graduated in 1958,…


Steer clear of scammers

 About 25 Wondering Jews gathered one November evening to learn how to stay out of the clutches of scammers. Part of the Oregon Department of Justice’s mission is to prevent fraud and protect Oregonians. The DOJ is led by Ellen Rosenblum, the state’s first Jewish and first female attorney general. In November, her Director of…


It takes a planet to serve our elders

PHOTO: Cedar Sinai Park CEO Martin Baicker and Howard Klink, the director of CSP’s  Housing with Services program, at the LeadingAge conference. Thousands of people standing and cheering and clapping, music blaring, strobe lights flashing … Lady Gaga concert? Timbers game? Ticker tape parade? Nope. It was the annual conference of LeadingAge, the national umbrella…

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