Local chefs share Passover creations

To help our readers enjoy a tasty week of Passover meals, we asked some local chefs and bakers to share their Passover favorites. Following are some recipes to consider whether you want a traditional Passover dish such as matzah ball soup or a fresh idea for tantalizing your taste buds during a week without chametz….


How about a meat-free day for Pesach?

As part of her drive to reduce meat consumption nationwide, Katie Cantrell suggests eating meals that are meat-free during one day of Passover. The founder and executive director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Katie speaks at colleges, high schools, synagogues and any available venue sharing her holistic message that factory farming is a threat to…


ask helen: Find your strength during Passover

Dear Helen: Every year my sister tries to upstage me at Passover. We have a family tradition of alternating first and second nights. When she goes first she puts on such an ostentatious display that my seder feels small and average. She says she cooks everything herself, but I’m convinced she’s used a deli. When…


Passover seders for all tastes

While there are some Jewish families who have lived here for generations, many people have chosen Oregon as their home. They often leave behind extended family, which can seem lonely around the holidays. Although Passover is traditionally a “home” holiday, congregations realize there are many who do not have family nearby or who would just…


Passover Recipe Contest

Last month Oregon Jewish Life asked our readers to submit their favorite classic and contemporary recipes for Passover. We’d like to thank our readers for the flood of recipes that came in. Here we present two traditional and two modern recipes that tickled our taste buds. The cooks who submitted the winning recipes will each…


Passover Notes

Oregon Kosher Passover announcements Oregon Kosher will provide the opportunity to members of the community to kasher their vessels for Pesach on April 17 from 5 to 7 pm at the Portland Kollel, 6688 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland. For more information, contact Oregon Kosher at 503-343-3497 or Following are guidelines on how to prepare…


Kosher for Passover in Israel

We were at Sachne one day last Passover. Sachne, also known as “The Park of the Three Pools,” is located near Beit Shahn in the Lower Galilee. It was a beautiful day, and the place was packed with both Jews and Arabs, religious people and non-religious. The kids had a lot of fun going in…

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