Repairing the world one innovation at a time

For a relatively young and small country – only 70 years old and less populated than North Carolina – with few natural resources, Israel is playing a disproportionate role in helping solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. In a new book, Avi Jorisch, Middle East expert and senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy…


Portland couple win FIDF sweepstakes trip

PHOTO: FIDF sweepstakes winner Rita Shmulevsky (sixth from left) and her husband Mark (fourth from left) flew from Portland, to attend the Jan. 24 FIDF Greater Miami Solidarity Gala. Pictured with the couple are FIDF Florida Executive Director Dina Ben-Ari (second from left), FIDF National Director and CEO Maj. Gen. (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir (center), Israeli…


Knowledge trumps hate

Young Israeli shares his life with American students Israeli Shaliach Udi Asaraf is spending a school year in the Pacific Northwest to advance his belief that “Education is the key to peace. Education can overcome hate.” Just 27 years old, Udi has served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces; earned degrees in chemical…


Tremayne Smith: Atypical advocate for Israel

Tremayne Smith has become a very outspoken advocate for Israel. His passion for American-Israeli relations from a political perspective began in college at East Carolina University, where he was the student body president. It came alive for him when he participated in Jewish National Fund’s Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission in January of 2017….


Coaching for Peace

By Rebecca Ross In the summer of 1997 when I was 8, my family moved from Miami to Givat Ze’ev, a large West Bank settlement northwest of Jerusalem. Part of my acculturation process involved learning to dislike both Arabs and Arabic. My six secondary school years in Jerusalem largely coincided with the Second Intifada. That…

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