Spiritual checkup for the New Year

As part of the spiritual accounting that characterizes the period of the High Holy Days, we are invited to survey ourselves and ask honestly: In relation to last year, has our spiritual condition improved or worsened; were the hopes that we expressed during last year’s High Holy Days – that there would be a change…


High Holiday financial checkup

By Steve Kantor and Walker Clark Estate planning can mean a variety of things, depending on individual goals and values. A chief element of any estate plan includes creating a will or trust to ensure the well-being of loved ones after death. In a business context, estate planning encompasses both ensuring the financial security of…


Looking for a place to pray?

Whether it’s the haunting tones of the shofar that stir Jews’ souls or some other phenomenon, synagogues are traditionally flooded with worshippers during the Days of Awe. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services are so full that most congregations require tickets to ensure regular attendees can find a seat in the congregation they support all…


Oregon Jewish Life’s Hanukkah Gift Guide

Bowery Bagels 310 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97209 503-227-NOSH (6674) Housemade Gravlax Brunch Bag ($99, Serves 12): One dozen, 2 pints of Red Onion and Capers Schmear and Gravlax; 4 Nantucket nectars Orange Juices 12 oz.; Napkins, knives, and plates; in a reusable grocery bag. Kenny & Zuke’s Deli 1038 SW Stark St. Portland…


Kids plan game for parents

Congregation Shir Tikvah is flipping Hanukkah on its head. Instead of adults planning a party for the kids, the kids are planning a party for the adults. Fourth- and fifth-graders are creating a full “Jewpardy” game for their parents to play during the congregation-wide party on the afternoon of Dec. 12. To write accurate trivia…


They Wake you from Slumber

ABOVE: The sound of Joanna Booser’s shofar echo across central Oregon. The haunting sounds of the shofar have awakened people from their spiritual slumber every year since ancient times. Made from any kosher animal, but usually from ram or antelope horns, the shofar is sounded on Rosh Hashanah, and in some communities, during the month…

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