Books make great gifts

I remember years ago one of my sons telling his brother that the secret of reading was to “be in the book.” It was a comment I wholeheartedly believe. Books have the power to transport us to different worlds, to help us understand others’ struggles, to inspire us to explore. For all of those reasons,…


Celebrate Hanukkah

This year Hanukkah coincides with the holiday that is the focus for the majority of Americans. Hanukkah lights and Christmas lights will be intermingled around town. Downtown Portland will have a Christmas tree in Pioneer Square and Chabad’s enormous Hanukkah menorah just three blocks away at Director Park, 815 SW Park Ave. This will be…


Oregon Jewish Life’s Hanukkah Gift Guide

Bowery Bagels 310 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97209 503-227-NOSH (6674) bowerybagels.com Housemade Gravlax Brunch Bag ($99, Serves 12): One dozen, 2 pints of Red Onion and Capers Schmear and Gravlax; 4 Nantucket nectars Orange Juices 12 oz.; Napkins, knives, and plates; in a reusable grocery bag. Kenny & Zuke’s Deli 1038 SW Stark St. Portland…


Kids plan game for parents

Congregation Shir Tikvah is flipping Hanukkah on its head. Instead of adults planning a party for the kids, the kids are planning a party for the adults. Fourth- and fifth-graders are creating a full “Jewpardy” game for their parents to play during the congregation-wide party on the afternoon of Dec. 12. To write accurate trivia…

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