A sweet treat for an all-girls weekend

Three years ago, I finally made good on a proposal to get some of my best girlfriends together for an all-girls weekend. Last year I chose a beautiful home in the heart of the Oregon wine country. For one weekend a year, we abandon our busy lives, spouses and kids to share lots of laughter,…


The 1905 dishes up pizza, jazz and veggies

For a post-Passover treat, there’s nothing quite like pizza. And where better to eat it than at The 1905 with its wealth of veggie options? The pizzeria is the brainchild of lifelong vegetarian and jazz musician Aaron Barnes. He serves a style of pizza that is a cross between what he terms the “New York…


Eugene gets “real” bagels

By Aliya Bree Hall   Lox, Stocks and Bagels in the south hills of Eugene brings traditional East Coast staples to Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley. Owned by New Jersey native Scott Lilly, the shop sells a wide assortment of bagels, as well as soups, salads and bagel sandwiches. The shop opened last summer in the…


Caveman at the Seder

Passover begins at the end of this month, and the checklist starts to form with all my to-dos. My biggest focus every year is the food. How do I make Passover healthy for my kids, my husband and myself? For almost two years, I have been eating a more Paleo diet (a diet based on…


Homemade treats for Super Bowl Sunday

On Nov. 12, 1892, the Allegheny Athletic Association’s football team beat the Pittsburg Athletic Club. The game itself was not notable, however one of the players, William (Pudge) Heffelfinger, was openly paid $500 to play, making it the very first pro football game played in the United States. As they say, the rest is history….


Enjoy plant-based Asian cuisines

Photo: SushiLove: Mother of Dragons   While it’s easy to avoid dairy when eating many Asian cuisines, it can be challenging to avoid pork and shellfish. But with the following list of plant-based Portland restaurants, you can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food while respecting dietary laws. ICHIZA KITCHEN Open less than a year,…


It’s hamantaschen time – bake, buy, eat

They’ve been baking pastries together for a long, long time, first for synagogue use and then as a community event and fundraiser. The Shaarie Torah Sisterhood’s annual hamantaschen marathon gets going Feb. 4 this year. Expect the best, as they turn out thousands of fruit- and poppy seed-filled pastries that look like Haman’s tri-corner hat….


Seven healthy foods for women

Being in my 40s, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital, even more so as I get older. It’s important for both genders to eat an array of healthy foods. But for women, science shows these seven foods could offer that extra edge by promoting bone, breast and heart health and even weight loss: salmon, flax…

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