Empowered Women


Diamond sisters spend summer aiding Planned Parenthood

  PHOTO: Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-CA), second from left, poses with three Planned Parenthood summer interns at in Washingtion, D.C., including Melissa Diamond of Portland (second from right).   Two Portland sisters are spending their summer on opposite sides of the country, but both are serving internships with Planned Parenthood. Melissa Diamond, the daughter…


Feel Bold, learn to fight dirty

A couple of years ago, a now-retired Krav Maga instructor explained to me why the hand-to-hand combat techniques developed for the Israeli military are ideal skills for women’s self-defense. “There are no rules when you’re fighting for your life, so we teach ‘dirty fighting,’ striking vulnerable targets such as the eyes, nose, throat, groin, and…


Divorce in the digital age

Oversharing can be too easy when disclosing personal information and happens as fast as the push of a button. To avoid potential missteps, it is beneficial to take that extra second and think before you act. Whether speaking directly to your spouse or to a social media audience, every word you say can impact your…

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