Justice (education) for all

“Classroom Law Project is a nonprofit organization of individuals, educators, lawyers and civic leaders building strong communities by teaching students to become active citizens.”   When Susie Marcus graduated from Grant High School and headed to Stanford in 1954, college girls, she says, could either be teachers or librarians. So she graduated in 1958,…


Eight myths about college admissions

It’s that time of year again. High school seniors across the country are feeling relieved as most would have completed and submitted their college applications by now. Therefore, it is time now to shift attention to the juniors, for this is an excellent time to start thinking about what they are looking for and what…


Education provides ties to past, keys to future

Stretching back to the biblical commandment for parents to teach their children, Judaism has emphasized the importance of education. Known as People of the Book, Jews have supported learning and flourished through education. David Grubin’s 2008 PBS series and companion book Jewish Life in America reflects on the importance of education in Jewish life: “In…


Kollel classes offer keys to Jewish knowledge

Twice a week, Portland Kollel Rabbi Gadi Levy helps groups of adults understand the “key that opens up the wealth of Talmud.” The Talmud is the encyclopedia of Jewish law and Jewish thought. The Talmud is also the medium whereby the rabbis and teachers taught students how to view and accurately analyze contemporary issues. Looking…


Education Briefs: multi-faith communications program set

The Kenyon Institute, a series of summer writing workshops and intellectual experiences for adults, has opened registration for its 2017 faith-focused program, Beyond Walls: Spiritual Writing at Kenyon. During this one-week, writing-intensive program, participants connect with clergy of all faiths while learning how to reach seekers and believers beyond their congregational and denominational walls. Participants…

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