A Jewish perspective on charitable giving

“Justice, justice shalt thou pursue.” ~Deuteronomy (16:20)   While charitable giving conjures up thoughts of generosity and benevolence, in Judaism the concept is a commandment, an obligation. Helping the poor and needy is a duty in Judaism. Yet beyond fulfilling physical needs, as Jews we also strive to create a better, more just world for…


What is an ethical will?

An ethical will is a document that is written to express someone’s deepest personal values in order to pass those along from one generation to the next. It is not legally binding. This practice, though it dates back to biblical and medieval times, resurfaced in the Jewish community around the 19th century and more recently…


How to begin writing an ethical will

Making the decision to write an ethical will can feel fulfilling, even empowering. However, sitting down and writing one can be truly challenging. The wonderful thing is that there is no right or wrong way to write an ethical will, and yours can be as simple or complex as you wish. (See accompanying article “What is…


A veteran finds safety and a future at CCC

When Chrissy Kinsey first saw her room in a downtown Portland Central City Concern supportive housing building, she instantly felt safe. Chrissy had followed a rocky road to get there, beginning with early childhood trauma that included a few years in foster care. In 2008 Chrissy was excited to join the Army and was stationed…

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