Articles by Rich Geller

Rich Geller works at the Beaverton Trader Joe's and is a freelance writer living in Portland, OR. He has written for The Bloomfield Journal, The Hometown Crier, The Hood River News, The Rosette Gazette, The Jewish Review, Art and Artifact, Oregon Jewish Life, Arizona Jewish Life, and Metro Parent. As a student at Portland State University, Rich worked at both Ooligan and Collectors Press while pursuing a Masters in Writing with a concentration in Publishing. In the Spring of 2011, Rich's first book, WonderDads Portland - The Best Dad/Child Activities in Portland was published. Rich is married to Leslie Geller, and has three children, Leo, Ethan, and Sela.


Chanukah Tales

  All Jewish holidays begin with a good story. Passover depicts Moses facing off against Pharaoh, and Purim features Mordechai and Esther prevailing over the wicked Haman. Chanukah boasts a particularly compelling narrative with its epic tale of freedom versus tyranny. The underdog Maccabees managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and the…


Purim is party time!

Grab your groggers and make some noise, because Purim arrives the evening of Saturday, March 11. This joyous, raucous festival commemorates the thwarting of a plot to kill the Jews of ancient Persia. Purim is unlike any other Jewish holiday – Jews drink to excess, don fanciful costumes and masks, put on plays and carnivals,…


Great Moments in Hanukkah History

For more than 2,000 years the Jewish people have kept the lights of Hanukkah shining brightly, shepherding the story of the miracle of the oil through the generations. Innumerable Hanukkah celebrations and myriad innovations in how we celebrate have graced the intervening years. I’ll admit that it takes some chutzpah to try and distill two…


Kids grow in many ways at camp

The calendar may insist that it’s still winter, but summer will be here before you know it. It’s not too early to start thinking about how your kids are going to spend their summer. If you’re considering summer camp, those slots are filling up fast, so start looking now to find the right camp for…


Read like a Maccabee

Perhaps more than any other Jewish holiday, Hanukkah (which begins at sundown Dec. 6 this year) calls on parents to deftly thread the needle between the spiritual and the secular. Is Hanukkah a tribute to the mighty deeds of our stalwart ancestors and G-d’s miracle of the oil? Or is it merely an orgy of…

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