Articles by Liz Rabiner Lippoff


Yes You Can!

Shelly Petcher, 80, can’t walk very far. He has a nifty chair in his apartment at the Rose Schnitzer Manor in Portland; not only is it comfy, his portable desk slides right up to it so he can go online, sort through his vast assortment of photos and keep in touch with friends. The chair…


A Literary LEGACY

Roseburg artist Marjorie Feldman flew home to Hartford, CT, to visit her parents and to attend the annual presentation of the Edward Lewis Wallant Award. For more  than 50 years, the award has honored the memory of the author of The Pawnbroker and other works by selecting a promising Jewish writer as its recipient. An…


Stephen Elliott’s Incredible Journey

Stephen Elliott, 43, is a successful and acclaimed author and director, living in New York and New Orleans, with seven books and two films to his credit. He is a senior editor at Epic magazine, funded by Fox, which features long-form journalism that is optioned and made into movies. He is the founder/editor-in-chief of The…


Retire? Surely You Jest

Mitch Greenlick’s 80th birthday is March 12. He’ll celebrate with, among others, his wife, Harriet; their three children and their spouses; their grandchildren; and the newest member of the family, great-granddaughter Nava, “our greatest achievement!” Well, that is saying something. Mitch retired from his first job in 1995, although he continues to consult with the…


Visions of a LIfe Never Lived

Renate Dollinger was a landscape painter with a small gallery in Palo Alto, CA, a husband, four children and lots of dogs when, in 1968, at the age of 44, she suddenly turned to painting life in a shtetl. “Cute,” her husband said when he saw the first painting. “Where did that come from?” “I don’t know,” she replied. Here’s what…

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