Articles by Kerry Politzer


Cajun fare for vegans and meat lovers alike

Cajun cuisine is a heady mix of European, West African and Native American influences. It’s intensely flavorful, spicy and rich. Unfortunately, this cuisine is usually off-limits for those with dietary restrictions. But Portland is home to a Cajun restaurant with something for everyone: Le Bistro Montage. This local landmark has been satisfying the vegetarian, vegan…


Israeli Cuisine finds many homes in Portland

The fresh vegetables and intriguing flavors of Israeli cuisine are cropping up all over Portland. While food carts like Wolf & Bear’s introduced us to ingredients such as amba as early as 2009, the Israeli food trend has really taken off in the past few years. Feast Portland, our renowned annual food festival, regularly flies…


Candy Babel is part of a long Jewish tradition

In a Tablet Magazine article, author Katharine Weber asserts, “No other immigrant group is as central to the candy trade as Jews.” Soon after arriving in the United States in the early 1900s, European-Jewish peddlers learned to make candy. Candy was easy for newcomers to produce since it “did not require significant investment in equipment,…


NW Nosh: Cookbook spotlights salmon

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to review Roots, the wonderful vegetable-focused cookbook by award-winning author and chef Diane Morgan. Now, Morgan returns with Salmon, a book of 45 tempting recipes that includes a guide to buying and preparing the tasty fish. The chef begins her book with a fascinating overview of the…


Portland Pizza as varied as the city

Unlike Chicago or New York, Portland isn’t known for its own style of pizza. The upside is that many different kinds of pizza are represented in our town. Here are some of our local favorites. Apizza Scholls Every day at 4:45 pm, a long line forms in front of this popular pizzeria so people can…

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