Articles by Deborah Moon


Preserving first-person testimony

The recent donation of materials about Luba Tryszynska, “The Angel of Bergen-Belsen,” adds an important message to the collection of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “As important as it is to know about man’s capacity for evil, it is also important to know man’s capacity for good,” says Judith Cohen, the museum’s chief acquisitions curator….


Hate crimes hit Portland too

Anyone who follows the news is probably aware that hate crimes and scapegoating “the other” has been on the rise in recent months. “The climate in the country has emboldened extremists, so the rise of anti-Semitism is alarming,” says Bob Horenstein, community relations director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. “But hate crimes against…


Dror Israel helps all Israelis engage

On his fourth visit to Portland to share the success of the educational kibbutz movement, Gilad Perry asked fellow educator Shraga Stern to share his story on a new program and surviving a terrorist attack. Dror Israel has 16 educators’ kibbutzim with 1,200 young adult residents who provide education, cultural and social activities that serve…


Local chefs share Passover creations

To help our readers enjoy a tasty week of Passover meals, we asked some local chefs and bakers to share their Passover favorites. Following are some recipes to consider whether you want a traditional Passover dish such as matzah ball soup or a fresh idea for tantalizing your taste buds during a week without chametz….


How about a meat-free day for Pesach?

As part of her drive to reduce meat consumption nationwide, Katie Cantrell suggests eating meals that are meat-free during one day of Passover. The founder and executive director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Katie speaks at colleges, high schools, synagogues and any available venue sharing her holistic message that factory farming is a threat to…


Passover seders for all tastes

While there are some Jewish families who have lived here for generations, many people have chosen Oregon as their home. They often leave behind extended family, which can seem lonely around the holidays. Although Passover is traditionally a “home” holiday, congregations realize there are many who do not have family nearby or who would just…

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