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Ask Helen: This election is important

How can a Jew possibly consider voting for a bombastic, anti-Semitic bigot? Any candidate who demonizes people by religion or ethnicity should feel scarily familiar. I’m terrified that someone I’ve shared meals and conversation with could say so casually, “They’re both the same, and I like that he’s not a politico.” I’m not a blind…


Ask Helen: Vacation Blues

A Nosh of Jewish Wisdom: A fool is a person who trusts another fool. Dear Helen: I started my current job 325 days ago, doing fun engineering work, though for employers who flaunt their political conservatism. My wife and I got a sudden chance to go on an amazing 10-day tandem bike trip because two…


Ask Helen: Help mom plan for future before crisis

Dear Helen: I’m terrified. I’m headed to Detroit tomorrow to have “The Talk” with my 82-year-old mother. She’s lived independently/semi-independently her entire life. My father died when she was 50. For the last 10 years my youngest sister has been living with her, making sure Mom took her meds, driving her to appointments (Mom turned…


Ask Helen

A Nosh of Jewish Wisdom: Health is wealth. If you want family togetherness, make it fun Dear Helen: I’m a nerdy middle-schooler who’s more into people than gadgets, clothes or social media. My parents got divorced five years ago when I was in elementary school. Now they’re OK around each other after they each married…


High Holidays Good Time to Redefine Priorities

Dear Helen: It’s been a long time since I’ve been a good practicing Jew. I support my synagogue financially and I attend the High Holiday services, but it’s mostly to connect with family and clients, not because I’m truly drawn towards a deeper relationship with religion. But one of my best friends has just been…

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