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Enlighten moderate BDS supporters to divide movement

I have often argued that the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is anti-Semitic in effect if not always in intent. After all, in the view of most BDS leaders, the Jewish people have no right of national self-determination. For them, all of pre-1967 Israel is occupied Palestinian territory, and the Jews are foreign colonialists….


Salad, seniors and memories

My husband, Marshall, and I recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. We were married in Palm Springs, CA, in 1994. The nuptials were held at LaVallauris, a beautiful French restaurant just off Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs. My in-laws owned a beautiful home at Canyon Country Club. My father-in-law loved to play golf,…


Dairy-free Asian cuisine and desserts

Photo by Drew Tyson Biting into a creamy chocolate dessert at Departure Restaurant + Lounge, you would have no idea that it was dairy free. You might be even more surprised to find that the absence of dairy extends to the entire pan-Asian menu. Chef Gregory Gourdet, who places a premium on health as well…


Golden age for aging

While researching stories for our Actively Senior section, I learned a lot of interesting facts about the aging face of America. It’s all good. Seniors today generally enjoy better physical health, financial comfort and respect. According to AARP, 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day, and they can look forward to a healthy life ahead. Men…


From England to Portland via adventure

PHOTO: Sabina Shalom in her apartment at Rose Schnitzer Manor displays photos of the leaders she met while touring the world on her marriage sabbatical – India Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, the King of Tonga and the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia. On the shelf is the lifetime achievement award she received from the National…


Balance parent’s wishes and safety

PHOTO: Emily Wanderer Cohen with her mother, Hannelore Wanderer, z”l, and daughter, Rachael Cohen. By Emily Wanderer Cohen It all began with this innocuous statement: “Em, I’m getting my left knee replaced in April, right after the first night of Pesach.” My mother (I called her Mutti, which is German for mom) had no concept…


Minimize injuries from falls

PHOTO: Tara Atkinson leads a chair exercise class in one of the Greenhouses at the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living on Cedar Sinai Park Campus. At the  Mittleman Jewish Community Center, Tara leads a full range of classes from yoga sculpt to gentle yoga.   Practice makes perfect. But when you practice how to fall,…


OJCF’s Endowment Book of Life grows

PHOTO: Group shot of all signers in front of Book of Life installation at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Photo by Naim Hasan Photography   Just as the old man in Midrash plants a tree so that his grandchildren might eat its fruit, legacy donors today ensure that the seeds of Jewish programs and institutions grow…

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